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Alt 10.10.2013, 20:18   #1
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Standard Sports Journalist

Hello Kiel fans!

My name is Nuno Margarido and i'm a sports journalist. My english is not that good so excuse me if I don't write correctely.

First of all, let me tell you that I have registered so I can ask you about the seven players that play from the beginning. Who are they? And I wanna ask you 2 about how do you think the game will be

By the way, your site is just too damn good! Congratulations!All the informations about the team and all the games and the results...

Well, have to get back to work.

Best regards!
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Alt 10.10.2013, 21:58   #2
Erfahrener Benutzer
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Hello Nuno!

I really don´t wanna be rude, but is this for real ?
If so, than please excuse me ...and welcome in the THW-World
Your english is very well and I hope, mine is good enough too, to communicate with you!?
It would be nice, if you can specify your questions? Which 7 players (or which game) do you mean?
I´ll try my best, to give you some answers...and I hope, other THW-Fans will assist me... !!!

So long and MOIN MOIN!

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Alt 10.10.2013, 22:10   #3
Neuer Benutzer
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Yes, this is for real Journal OJOGO.

I'm on my internship for my master in journalism and comunication and I wanna know all that i can about Kiel. Tomorrow I'll try to interview the players in Dragão Caixa

My question is simple. I wanna know who are the 7 players that will start against FC Porto

And I wanna know some curiosities, too! Gislason is an historian? Why the "zebras"?

FC Porto lost the supercup and 1 game for the league just like Kiel, you know?
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Alt 11.10.2013, 01:29   #4
Erfahrener Benutzer
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As you can see, I´m still awake, because you have scared the THW-Hell out of me...
Okay, I hope, I can give you, at least, some, but not all answers:

I have absolut no clue, which players will start the game - and I´m sure, that Alfred + the team and the fans would hunt me to THW-Hell if I would know it, and then reveal it 2 U...LOL!!!

The nickname "Zebras" is used because of a shirt (black+white stripes) and pants (just black) that an old THW-team wore - for example in 1947/48 - that is similar to a real zebra!

And YES, the THW-coach is an historian and one of his hobbys - here is something curious, but nice - is to breed roses !

Well, that´s for me - I hope, U can use some of this!
Have fun on saturday and finally GOOD NIGHT!
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Alt 11.10.2013, 23:08   #5
Erfahrener Benutzer
Benutzerbild von THWSprotte
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Ort: an der Förde, wo Sprotten hingehören!
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Hi Nuno!

I don't know the starting formation too ( I'm not Alfred ) but I can make assumptions of the previous games:

Goal: Here the decision is rather unclear, because both goalkeepers were used fairly evenly. I would tap Johan Sjöstrand who had been somewhat stable in his performance. But he is easily chipped, so instead Andreas Palicka could begin. The two share the goal of the Swedish national team and are best friends since young times.

Left outside I expect Dominik Klein (nickname "Mini" ) because on this position Alfred often rotates and Gudjon Valur Sigurdsson has begun the last games. "Mini" is a German national player and expected with his wife in a few months his first child. Gudjor has already played under Alfred in the Icelandic national team (2006/07).

Left back I'm sure Filip Jicha will begin. The Czech national player is the captain and gets very few breaks. He played a year in Qatar as a young player. The second player on this position Wael Jallouz is a young Tunisian national player, who still needs a bit of getting used to the Team.

Back space center I expect Rasmus Lauge. He is a young Danish national player who strengthened the "zebras" since the beginning of the season . In Denmark they call him "Justin Bieber" but he don't like this nickname. Aaron Palmarson, the more experienced on this position, underwent surgery in the summer on the knee and is often preserved even at the beginning.

Circle runner I would tap Rene Toft Hansen. He is also a Danish national player and his brother Hendrik plays on the same position at the HSV Handball, a big league competitor. The second circle runner is Patrick Wiencek - a young German national player. His nickname ist "Bamm-Bamm" because of its similarity with the boy from the flintstones.

Right back I expect Marko Vujin a Serbian national player who almost all of the 7 meter throws and hits.
In defense he changes mostly with Christan Zeitz who is playing the tenth season in Kiel and will change next summer to vezprem.

Right outside I normally expect Christian Sprenger, but he was injured last Wednesday and therefore Niklas Ekberg could start. Both are very well on fastbreaks and they cheer especially beautiful.

However, all are just my guesses, but maybe it helps you a little bit.
I have never seen Porto play and look forward to tomorrow's game.

Latest Information: The THW has arrived without Jicha, Palmarsson and Wiencek because they are injured or ill. In particular, the lack of Jicha is a major handicap for the zebras.

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